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Hey hey!
So Im excited having read my friend's story, and discovering that my fictional planet and race are new to them and lacking in information, I decided to help them out so that they don't have to struggle so much with "getting things right" (P.S., you did a wonderful job ;))

The planet Asylum is a very isolated and illusive planet. It has two moons and supposedly is the only planet of its star's orbit.
For the longest time, nobody knew of it's existence until transmission broadcasts of a missing human satellite were intercepted by a UNSC vessel. 
Now only a select few of both covenant and humans know of Asylum.
Only the "head-honchos" of the UNSC know of the planet, however, have made little to no notion about it out of respect of it's sentient inhabiters, the Sanghuli (also known as the ascended or the risen).
The select few covenant that know of asylum try to avoid the planet because of it's dangers of poison, intelligent beasts, and hidden traps.

Asylum is completely jungle covered, with only a few small patches of desert. Asylum is abundant with many assortments of fruit and veggies, crystal lakes, rivers, falls, and mineral rich caves and caverns.
Unlike Earth, Asylum's trees are giant and easily habitable without  damaging the trees themselves. The treetops are considered the most safe to be where as the planet floor is where the real dangers lie.
Shaded by the tree canopies, many areas of Asylum's floor are extremely dark, lit only by the many breeds of glowing plants, vines, bugs, and/or exotic rock minerals. A few of the larger ground creatures have distinct glow markings as well. The planet floor is also where many of Asylum's poisonous creatures reside, excluding the poison-cat, Drakon, and Hellhounds; which can all climb trees.
It's safe to say, Asylum has thousands of exotic breeds and variety of creatures, vegetation, rock, etc... Which makes it either a prosperous place to live or a death trap.
It all depends on where you step...

Though many of Asylums creatures are extremely intelligent, the most sentient would be the Sanghuli.
They are an evolutionized version of the sangheili, having adapted to Asylum's dangerous playground.
The sanghulis' hides are more like exotic colorful shell plates covering their dark scales, usually fairing the different colors/patterns/shades of blues, greens, and yellows.
Unlike their distant cousins, the sanghuli are nearly a foot or two smaller than the sangheili, and have slightly less muscle thickness. They are weaker than elites but stronger than humans. They are more quick, clever, and agile than their predecessors, making them phenomenal acrobats and stealth experts.
They have dark, hooked claws which where originally meant for predatory purposes, but eventually lead to be useful tools in tree climbing/dwelling.
The eyes of the sanghuli are ever so slightly larger and more snake-like than the elites', and even cast a faint glow of their color, helping them see better in the dark.

Sanghuli are fairly simple in some ways, and incredibly strict in others.
Since the arrival of the satellite, the sanghuli believe "humanity" to be some sort of god, and they have very high respects and curiosity to humans, though very few to no humans have set foot on Asylum. The sanghuli have knowledge about human anatomy and a small bit of their history, but have never actually had the opportunity to meet humans (kinda like humans and dinosaurs. We know about them, but haven't seen them.)
Sangheli have severe hatred toward the elites and covenant, believing them to be the "fallen" who chose not to evolutionize and remain beastial.

As attire, the sanghuli wear almost-human (with a slight touch of alien) clothing which always ranges from dull colors such as browns and grays, occasionally with a gold accent. the sanghuli also wear different markings of white paint on certain areas of their bodies, usually resembling their last name, their status, or just decor. Example, hand print means married, claw marks mean warrior, paint strip means healer, circle means elder, etc...

Politic in sanghuli culture relies solely on a group of wise elders, which almost resembles the democratic parties on Earth, only, more peaceful and equal bearing.

The sanghuli live almost like the humans, they have technology, such as surge rifles, surge pistols, volt-knives; but live more like natives, using technology as a last resort.
They know every human language, but usually choose to speak English, due to the fact that the sanghuli love it's challangingness and use.

The sanghuli people are not very fond of the ground, finding the terrain slightly awkward and the foul air quite bothersome, sometimes even toxic.

I think that's everything I can think of :)
If you have anymore questions about the Sanghuli race that I have failed to answer in the explanation, by all means! Ask away!
BUT BEFORE YOU DO: Please read the information carefully, I don't like answering questions which the info has already answered.
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