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October 22, 2013


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108 human years, 23 Sanghuli years later

... we learned that the sky creature... the satellite’s name was “Voyager”, and that the hoomans had created it hundreds and hundreds of years ago...
With what knowledge we possessed, we healed the satellites wounds and made sure that it was comfortable... we wanted it to never leave us.
We provided it with flowers and soft leaves (but we stopped providing it with food, for it didn’t seem to want to eat).
Voyager continued to talk to us, the voice of the hoomans speaking through it. But never at all did voyager hold a proper conversation... It was almost as if we were too inferior to it...

“Voyager, what’s our purpose?... Why’re we here?...” Sulu asked

“The glassing of Reach has left many people homeless, dead, and hopeless...” Voyager would respond, “The aliens known as “The Covenant” are ruthless. Why are they doing this? What has humanity ever done to them?”

“Oh... Sorry if I dissed you, Voyager.” Sulu said before lowering her coconut to the ground, “But I’m curious... What’s Reach? Wha’s  Covenant?” Sulu then thought for a moment, “Wait... by the sounds of it, Reach is a type of hooman home, and the covenant is bastard organization... right?”

“Recently, ONI has captured a few of these covenant races for interrogations, but they have been unsuccessf-f-f-f- ul –l-l-l-l-l-l.... the elites.... the sangheili as they call themselves are more stiff-necked than the rest of them.”

Sulu froze. “By humanity... the fallen are the bad-guys who attacked the hoomans?”

“... without further notice... UNCS frigate “Fair Maiden” has taken flight in search of answers to why the alien cult is so hellbound on destroying us-s-s-s-s- ground-d-d-d la-a-a--a...” Voyager went into static.

Sulu gasped and quickly stood up and hopped onto Voyagers arm, hitting it with her fist a few times, “Sheesh, Voyager, you remind me alot like my radio. Always needing my attention.” She hopped off once Voyager began to speak again.

“... Spartan II unit known  to public only as the “Master Chief”. Thanks to ONI’s creations, one of the super-soldiers has risen up in dire times and destroyed something that would have added to our already severe problems.” Voyager said, “Here is what he had to say: “... you told me that there wouldn’t be any cameras...”..... Unfortunately like most heroes, the MC is camera shy and prefers to continue serving humanity in silence. God bless him.”

Sulu blinked a few times. “Whaaat?” she scratched her light green head, “I don’t understand half of what you just said, voyager... but it sounds intriguing.”

Voyager had gone silent.

Sulu frowned. “okay, I understand. You’re tired and wand me to back off. Okay. See ya later then!” she dusted herself off then looked around.

... what is... You And Ace E?... What does it mean?... I’ve heard of Spartan’s, but history claims that they were killed by the romans... how was one able to survive THIS long?.... Bah, humanity! I’m so confused!...

“Sulu! Where are you?”

Sulu raised her head to the sound of her father’s voice. She groaned and shook her head. “Why does he always control my life like a gamer controls a videogame?...” Sulu asked herself before leaping into the branches of the jungle’s large trees. “I’m over here, Dad!”

The dark Sanghuli glanced down at his daughter with yellow reptilian eyes. “You’re supposed to be tending to your hospital duties... It’s too dangerous out here, and besides! Opali is giving birth. You’re needed!”

Sulu snorted. “There’re other nurses there, Dad. I never interrupt you when you’re worshiping Voyager-“

“I don’t worship Voyager. Sulu, I worship humanity through Voyager.” Fujasi growled, “Is religion so confusing to you?”

Sulu ignored her father and swiftly leaped through the trees toward the village.


... Voyager mentioned a god... a god other than the hoomans... yes, Dad... religion does confuse me... Who does humanity worship?... And should we worship their god instead?... So many questions, so little answers... in fact, no answers at all!... By humanity, Voyager is riddlesome... mischievous... It would be so much better if an actual hooman were to answer my questions, but... no matter how much I pray to them, they don’t reply... I’m beginning to wonder...

Am I cursed?

Sulu closed her purple eyes as some males snickered behind her back.

“The purple-eyes freak is daydreaming again... I wonder if one day, her lack of attentiveness will get her fired.”

“I hope so... I’d hate to have an ugly bitch like her tend to me when I’m put into the hospital.”

Sulu snorted and continued on with her duties in silence.

Voyager... as much as I question you and as much as you irritate me sometimes... you’re the only one I need to talk to. You’re my only friend...


Night came, and the Sanghuli slept.

All day, Voyager was quiet, but then coughed and sputtered with static. Then it spoke...

“Hello? This is UNSC personnel Sergeant Keith Gideon aboard the frigate, “Fair Maiden”... Anyone there?... We’ve got your signal and are requesting permission to land.”


“(Captain, there’s no response... Do you think the covenant are luring us with bait?)”

“(Negative, sergeant. No hostiles were or are detected. Wait a few hours for a response before trying again. Their system might be down. If no response is received then, I’ll send you with a few birds onto the surface.)”

“(Yes, Captain.)”

Voyager went silent once more...
So, the chapters will be short XD
Questions? Fire away!

Chapter 2: *boop*
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